Full Moon Rituals: Let’s Get Magical

During the phase of the full moon, energy peaks and then prepares to release over the coming two weeks or so, until the moon is new once again. Therefore, the full moon offers us an exciting opportunity to focus on what it is we are ready to release in our own lives.

When we truly understand that we are cyclical beings and we learn to work with the rhythms of the moon, we can experience greater manifesting abilities, spiritual fulfilment and a deeper sense of peace and balance.

Full Moon Rituals

Read on, to understand how ‘at home’ rituals can deepen your connection with the full moon and greatly enhance your life.   

1. Clear Your Space

Now is a wonderful time to de-clutter your home and create a magical space. As the full moon approaches, put some time aside to get things in order and have a deep clean. Open the windows, light some white sage, palo santo or incense and allow the smoke to carry away any negative energy.

You may also like to recite the following prayer and visualise a white light showering you and your home with love, safety and protection. 

Archangel Michael, I call upon you now.

Please cast a diamond white net of light through my energy field and throughout my entire home, to remove anything and everything that is not for my highest good.

Please guard me, my loved ones and this home; keeping us safe and held in the light.

Thank you deeply for your powerful protection.

So be it and so it is,


2. Charge Your Crystals and Drinking Water

On the night of the full moon, place your crystals in a bowl of water and place them outside under the light of the full moon. Do not worry if it is cloudy and you cannot see the moon, this will still work well. Leave your crystals out overnight and allow the powerful energy of the full moon to cleanse and recharge them.

When you are ready to bring your crystals back inside, remove them from the bowl and allow them to dry in the sunlight (or fresh air). Water your plants with the remaining charged water from the bowl, to give them a full moon treat!

If you would like make ‘moon water’ for drinking, you can follow a similar process. Find a glass jar with a lid and fill it with clean, filtered water. Make sure the lid is tightened and place it outside under the light of the full moon. In the morning you may collect your charged moon water and sip it slowly throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can pour the water into a spray bottle and add some essential oils and create your very own aura spray or natural air freshener.

3. Create A Spiritual Altar

An altar is a place of focus, which is created intentionally to deepen your spiritual connection with the Divine. It offers you a place to be still and quiet and to reconnect with your spirituality. Place your altar somewhere you will see it often and spend time there each day. You may like to chant mantras, pray, journal, meditate, practice mindfulness, write or recite your affirmations…whatever feels good for you. The more time you spend at your altar, the more powerful it becomes.

Here are some items you might like to decorate your altar with:

  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Fresh flowers
  • Crystals
  • Spiritual figurines and ornaments
  • Oracle cards
Nicola’s Altar; honouring Lakshmi; Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
Nicola’s Altar; honouring Lakshmi; Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
4. Burn, baby, Burn!

The full moon is a perfect time to release all that is no longer serving you and this ritual, when completed on the night of the full moon, is extremely powerful! It can be practiced outside in nature, or inside with precaution.

What You Will Need:

A pen and piece of paper
A candle
A safe, fireproof dish/ bowl

On your piece of paper, write down three things you feel ready to release from your life. These might include relationships which no longer serve you, unhelpful habits, fears, worries and so on. Write them down in the following format:

“On this blessed full moon, I am ready to release …”

If you are unsure what to write, take some time to meditate and look within. Ask yourself in the silence of your mind, or out loud, “what am I ready to let go of?” Notice what comes to mind. If you still feel unsure, you may simply write “I am ready to release all that no longer serves me, for the highest good of all”.

Next, light your candle and focus your gaze upon the flame for a few moments. Bring your attention to your breathing and allow yourself to relax deeply. When you feel centred and grounded, recite the following prayer:

On this full moon night,

I am ready to let go.

I release all that no longer serves me,

For the highest good of all.

May my heart be open,

May my soul be cleansed.

I release with love and trust,

And I am ready to shine my light in this world.

Set fire to your piece of paper and place it safely in your fireproof dish. Watch it burn and turn to dust and repeat out loud: “So be it and so it is, Aho!

Full Moon Prayer
5. Enjoy a Full Moon Bath

During the full moon phase, it is not uncommon to experience insomnia, bursts of irritability or anger, hyperactivity, old emotions resurfacing and headaches or pressure in the head.

A relaxing detox bath can offer you physical and emotional relief and encourage a restful night’s sleep. Also, as the moon is so deeply connected to the water element, it is a perfect way to create some full moon magic too!

Take time to transform your bathroom into a sacred space. Cleanse the energy with white sage or palo santo and run yourself a warm bath. Whilst the water is running you can light candles and incense and if possible, play some deeply soothing meditation music.

Adding simple ingredients to the water can transform your ordinary bath into beautiful, sacred waters. You can add Epsom salt, coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils such as lavender and frankincense, rose petals and you can even add healing crystals to your water. Soak for at least thirty minutes and feel totally transformed.

Full Moon Meditation

The following meditation works wonderfully alongside the above rituals. You may like to practice it at your altar, in your detox bath or after your burning ritual. Equally, it can be practiced anywhere and at any time it is safe for you to relax completely.

  • Find a comfortable position, either laying down or sitting with a straight spine, and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine that each time you breathe out, you sink deeper into relaxation. Give yourself permission to really relax and let go.

  • Next, visualise yourself somewhere outside in nature, resting under the night sky. This is a place where you feel safe, secure, warm and relaxed. Notice the full moon shining brightly above you and have a sense of her fullness, her beauty and the power of her light. Spend a few moments here, deepening your connection with this lunar energy.

  • Now, visualise the moonlight floating down from the sky and entering your body through the crown of your head, so that very soon your entire being is filled with white light. See, or sense, this light expanding out from your body, to create a large, white bubble around you. Imagine that every part of you is soaking up this nourishing, Divine energy.

  • Repeat the following affirmations, either aloud or in silence, at least three times each.

“I release all that is no longer serving me”

“I let go with forgiveness, ease and grace”

“I am ready to shine my light, for all to see”

When you are ready to return to the here and now, simply bring some gentle movement into your body, take three deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.  

May the light of the full moon bless you and your loved ones!

By Nicola Harrold

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