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I am currently back from spending time in Boquete Panama at a shamanic healing retreat. Here’s my story from when I just arrived there:

I left freezing England in the grip of a snowstorm three months ago and arrived here four days later after missing three, that is three, flight connections due to snow, airline cock ups and fog! Hey ho, such is life!

I arrived a little strung out but soon settled into life here, which is not hard when you are surrounded by beautiful scenery, lakes, mountains, valleys and tropical wildlife in abundance. The sun shines every day and the winds that blow down from the mountain clean your energy fields. They call this place paradise and I can see why. It is not luxurious but it has a natural untainted beauty that I haven’t come across too often on my travels. The locals are very friendly people and even though it is a third world country Boquete feels like a safe place to hang out.

Shamanic healing fascinates me as it works on such a deep level. According to shamanic teaching each of us has a luminous energy field that accumulates debris from traumatic experiences in our current lifetimes and also past lifetimes. The shamanic healing methodology combines indigenous wisdom with healing practices to remove these imprints in our luminous energy field. I have been working with a shaman for a few months via Skype and now face to face and I have definitely felt an energetic shift since this work began.

It feels very familiar to me as my own hypnotherapy work is all about removing past trauma’s and blocks and I have spent 20 years helping people do just that. Now I am learning about shamanic healing I feel I will have more tools in my box so to speak. I am drawn to the spiritual aspects of shamanism as one of the main goals along with healing the luminous energy field is to connect us with Mother, the great spirit of our origin. When this connection happens it can bring about transformations on its own.

When I return to the UK in a few months time I plan to record a new range of recordings incorporating the techniques I am learning. However, my existing solfeggio meditation recordings cover aspects of shamanic healing and you can download my free 639Hz solfeggio meditation recording here:




I also recommend my 528Hz solfeggio meditation which touches on healing imprints in the luminous energy field:



Do post your feedback about these recordings in the comments below.


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Love and blessings Glenn


  1. Thanks for this wonderful post.
    Could you maybe give some advice about how to stay calm and relax during tough times next blog post?


  2. Welcome back Glenn and what a wonderful post is this and I will sure “take” the free gift with me.
    As a woman, and I am not the only one in the world, I have a lot to endure with the as I call it the attack of the hormones, meaning the menopause. Is there some meditation to go through this period more comfortable then I am going now. I have tried your Inner Peace and Calm, Your Healing Sanctuary, but for some reason I miss something in this, but perhaps it has something to do with myself. I don’t know.
    Maybe you have an idea.
    Further I really love your meditation hypnosis and I am a big fan of you.

    Thank you!
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Glenn….so glad that you have taken the Shamanic journey also. I am familiar with Shamanic techniques and indeed incorporate them into the Reiki which I use daily.Thank you for sharing more with us. You are wonderful….totally wonderful!!! Love always!! xxx

  4. Thank you,Glenn, I am so happy to know about you .Such a gift for me and I am sure, for everyone else on this planet.Wish you ALL THE BEST, thanks

  5. Good stuff Glenn,

    It’s nice to see a fellow man reaping the rewards of self earned success.

    Especially when that man is using the rewards for further self improvements.

    Keep up the good work, and keep blogging.

    Big love.


  6. Thank you so much for your gifts. Boquete sounds wonderful.

    I would welcome any advice you can give me to help with my thyroid/adrenal problem (following radiation therapy on my throat). At the moment I’m finding it difficult to get to grips with the problem.

    Good luck, love and blessings on your travels.

  7. I’m looking forward to your new recordings! So glad you had a good time in Panama, and thank you for sharing your adventure with us! I always looked forward to your updates! I’ve never been outside of the US. My two biggest problems is I suffer from chronic pain from fibromyagia, but I know that one is coming for pain, my other consist problem is bipolar disorder, and tiredness from all the meds I take for this and of course the emotional ups and downs from this illness daily. I listen almost daily to at least one of the solfoggios and deep hypnosis, all of which I love! I’m not sure how I made it before I found your recordings and support. Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  8. how can I leave this strange addiction to meth?

  9. Thank you for keeping us up to date on your adventure. It sounded like fun. I’ve never been outside the US so it was fun hearing how you were doing. I have fibromyalgia so I’m looking forward to your new recording on pain. I also have bipolar disorder and anxiety and the meds I take make me sleepy. My emotions go up and down daily on most days which is hard. I listen to most of your solfoggios and deep hypnosis which usually helps. I don’t know what I’d do without your recordings and friendship now. Thank you! Any other suggestions would be helpful. I usually listen to 396, then 528 and 741, and deep hypnosis. Thanks for all you do for us!

  10. Sorry for the double post. I didn’t realize first one posted.

  11. Thank you!! <3 <3
    Wish you all the best!

  12. Hola, glenn!

    I’m happy to hear that you’re having such a nice time in Panama. Thanks for all the hel you’ve have given us through your exceptional recordings.

    Speaking of shamanic healing, I’ve a question I hope you can help me with. I have suffered different mishaps in my right leg, including a broken bone and, several years after this, a small surgery that hasn’t healed quite all right. Does this have to do with a blocking in my subconscious mind? I’d really like to know your opinion. Thanks in advance. Best wishes always!

  13. Great Blog Glenn, it’s lovely to be able to follow your Shamanic adventure in Panama. Many thanks for the freebie download, you must be a mind reader because that was what I needed at the moment…I do suffer a lot from stress and anxiety to an extent I find it hard to relax my body, your CDs definitely help with that. I am looking forward to the new ones you are about to do especially the Spiritual and pain one. I so enjoyed listening to your ten minute meditation on Healing with the Masters, I guess a little taster of what has yet to come. Hope you are feeling well and have managed to fight off that cold. Thinking of you

    Best Wishes

    Linda 🙂 x

  14. Thanks for all your lovely messages, I can’t answer individually here, but do feel free to message me on FB or at my office. Much love to you all! Will post another soon. Glenn

  15. Hi Glenn, thanks for sharing your experience in Boquete. It is great work you are doing. I do Shamanic work in NYC so its great to find out about others:) I would love to know your ideas on connecting to Spirit/Mother/Pachamama while in the midst of the urban sprawl, and any daily practices you use. Thank you for your wonderful work and warm regards.

  16. Hi Glenn. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and for the free download. Welcome home! I am a great fan of your Solfeggio iPhone Apps which for me are some of the best guided meditations ever. There is something truly magical about them. The vibrations in the music, your voice and affirmations are just perfect for a profoundly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. I love the connection with Mother Earth, so natural and grounding. I am really looking forward to more recordings of a shamanic & spiritual nature following tour travels to Panama? Thank you X

  17. Greetings Glen,
    I discovered your hypnotherapy cd’s at my local library several months ago and since the sleep every night one helped me so much I ordered every cd of yours that the libraries in my area had in their stock. Which is 4 or 5 and I hate giving them back. Have now found a bookstore in Byron Bay near where I live, whom the rep in Brisbane Qld Australia for Divinity has ordered some for me to own. I have severe tinnitus and am now listening during the night to that one even though I am somewhat frightened I am now nuerotic about this frightful condition. Am praying that it helps. I think there are about 10 cd’s of yours that I want to eventually own and I have to fit in 4 every day/night but I find the best relaxation comes from all this listening. I just love your voice and the way you come across to me personally. I have become very reliant on you to help me through my difficult periods of life so thank you and I am now one of your biggest fans. You have given me hope through your cd’s. I’m not up on the technology of downloading onto mp3 etc so will have to stick to the old fashioned hard copies. You are much loved for your work Glen.
    I will be following you from now on in your endeavours. Very best to you.

  18. I appreciate your gifts to thew world, this especially is resonating with as my energy Luminous field has been debris strewn, way too long. I have had some progress in Theta meditation, that connected me deeply with some family origin trauma and realization, plus some Past life journey that also connected with effect on my aura crippling. I have had times in my life when things were less of a struggle and my attraction energy was stronger. There may have been a shift and I dont want to say that too loudly, however, it is difficult to envision change when you are involved with a plethora of life challenges (currently is not the attraction abundance, that has manifested in my life) in stress are my…relationship, finances, direction , family issues. I know what you are going to say. Yes well thats universe telling you to make changes, because perhaps you have to follow the path that is dealt you. But wait, manifest that, take action, listen to your heart follow that path, …I felt and thought I was doing this all along…. obviously not ( its like my current beloved (well not so much as she wants me out) stated, its because you are embodiment of the Tower card in tarot, BTW she’s an author of a deck) WAIT , wt heck , I have been contributing in many ways and now when my chips are down I’m not worthy. Well Now. I’m not a young guy 53 , and this is the most frustrating time I’ve ever had! So I cant afford your stuff, or a shamanic several month long retreat, not right now. although I’d like to. I have to somehow find new a new home to live in, for me and my son, +, +!! Glen I know that we all and I have experienced some massive changes, shifts, etc…and you apparently had this miraculous turn around in your life, I WANT the same and want To ATTRACT abundance, I want happiness, peace, independence, wealth, less stress, a shamanic retreat. NOW is my time, up till now I have been focusing on care of others ( part of my path learning) I have forfeited some young years. If you want to work with me to help me get to my miraculous changes, I will be your greatest asset client generator. You wont be able to keep me quiet. I challenge you to consider it, I would be your most willing subject, as willingness is one of the first steps, eagerness, acceptance, action, work, results, Bliss… I want change, I want a better life! I do! I appreciate all you brought thus forth….so Are you willing to help me out, Thank you, Byron

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