Coping With Anxiety

When we close down and stop perceiving the joy and fullness in life, we get anxiety. Cultivate a habit to get rid of the things that make you anxious and fearful, and fill your life with positive things instead.

When you make a number of small changes, you will quickly notice that things that used to worry you will no longer bother you. Here’s a technique for reducing anxiety in your life:

De-Stress Technique – Control Your Reaction to Stressful Situations

Whenever a problem or stressful situation arises, don’t respond negatively straight away. Hold your judgement and take a few slow, deep, relaxing breaths.

  • Imagine that you’re outside your body, looking down on the scenario. Place distance between yourself and any emotion or judgement about the situation.
  • When you’re cool and composed, take a few more deep breaths and consider how to address the problem. If it is unresolvable, begin to consider what you may do to better the situation. If nothing comes to mind straightaway, affirm that your mind will find solutions when the time is right.
  • Be as proactive as possible in dealing with the problem
  • After you’ve dealt with the issue, imagine you’re back in your body. Then consider what you can gain from this scenario. Every adversity we endure in life teaches us something valuable.
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Daily Habits:
  • Step outside of your comfort zone on occasion and live your life with more courage and self-belief.
  • Be proactive in making changes to situations that cause you stress on a regular basis.
  • Eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis.
  • Establish healthy sleep habits by turning off all devices and prioritising early nights.
  • Establish a daily meditation routine.

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