Why Rock Stardom Is Dangerous

I always wanted to be a rock star in my youth and I had a close shave when the band I played in, ‘The Sugar Ray Five’, won the 1983 UK Battle of the Bands. We won £10,000 a major recording contract and our show was broadcast on BBC1 to 14 million viewers. We did a number of TV and radio shows at this time and began to get recognised in the street. For a brief time it really was sex, drugs and rock and roll, and at 19 it was all I ever wanted!

Unfortunately due to a combination of drug induced paranoia and musical differences our success came and went like Haley’s Comet, and 3 months after winning the competition we split! Hey ho!

Over 30 years later I fully realise that music stardom was not my destiny, although I wouldn’t have understood that then! At that age my fragile ego wouldn’t have coped well with the adulation, and the excesses would have killed me!


Nowadays I am selling over a million hypnosis recordings a year without much fuss and I get the most amazing feedback from people every single day. This one came in today:

“After a year of trying for a baby with no luck.. I finally got a faint positive on a pregnancy test during the month I listened to your recording (Preparing For Pregnancy)!! You have no idea how happy I am, and how grateful I am for everything you do! I’m going to wait a few days and get a blood test just to make sure. Thank you so so so so so much! You helped me create a life”

It doesn’t get much better than that does it! And I certainly wouldn’t have been able to help people like this if my path had been rock stardom.

Failing in the music business and the life struggles that followed have turned out to be a huge blessing. For years after the band split I continued to try and ‘make it’, later on I spent 5 years driving a taxi cab, 7 years on the cabaret circuit playing guitar in a covers duo…..then after supporting a stage hypnotist at a cabaret gig one night I had an epiphany! I decided to sign up for a 2 year hypnotherapy diploma course! This was a big turning point in my life and it gave me a new passion other than music. I immersed myself in the art of hypnotherapy and never looked back.

My journey is summed up in the Rolling Stones lyric…. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find…You get what you need”.

Getting what I needed has certainly been the case for me. I am grateful that after missing out on rock stardom I studied at the ‘open university of real life’! Twenty years ago I lived in a tower block in a poor part of south London. At night I drove a mini cab around the West End to make ends meet. I had no money and really struggled to keep my head above water. I met many celebrities back then and have a few tales to tell! Maybe in a later blog!

Glenn HarroldMy struggles at this time taught me humility, compassion and much more, and it stood me in good stead for when I became a hypnotherapist and self-help author. It was a tough journey at times but a good one!

I have recently released three new recordings that I am very proud of. The Spiritual Healing one in particular has a very strong shamanic healing influence after my recent stay in Panama.

Feel Alive: http://www.hypnosisaudio.com/product/feel-alive-now–602

Spiritual Healing: http://www.hypnosisaudio.com/product/spiritual-healing-603

Spiritual Healing (NEW – APP): https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/spiritual-healing-hypnosis/id644513358?mt=8

Overcome Procrastination: http://www.hypnosisaudio.com/product/overcome-procrastination-604

These three will also be added to iTunes, the Appstore and Android store in the very near future. I also have a number of other new titles in the pipeline including Healing Your Inner Child, which many of you have asked me for.

Thanks for reading and do add a comment below as I love hearing your feedback.

Much Love Glenn

  1. Glenn thank you so much for being instrumental of Gods Good work, keep playing on…your music is beautiful and your voice is strong and soothing…..music ya can count on:) blessings

  2. I am so looking forward to these apps for the android. I seem to check Google play daily for them.

  3. Glenn, I too am glad that this was your destiny. Your sessions have completely changed my life. I am so grateful everyday that I found you in the app store. That you so much for all that you do. You’re my angel <3

  4. I am a huge fan of yours and the work that you do:) I think we all have had a little “rockstar” in us at one point or another in our lives. But paths chosen and choices made, can set you in another direction. I, for one, am happy you didn’t end up a big time rocker, because you are influencing and helping more people by what you do now, than you ever could have by what you started out to do at 19. Love “The Spiritual Healing” and look forward to adding “Overcoming Procrastination” and “Healing Your Inner Child” to my library! Thank you, thank you!!

  5. Sorry I missed the one about the pope! Have to look back to see if I can find it!
    It’s difficult to realize things will get better when life does not seem to be going your way
    and there is no obvious support. I have a lot of knowledge because I seek it out. It’s applying
    That knowledge that is a never-ending mystery! How to do it? How to manifest – to bring the good into my
    life is beyond me most of the time. Thank God I have your recordings.

  6. it’s the music on your hypno recordings that does it for me, eg the abundance, solfeggios and the cosmic ordering -all phenomenal, other people who attempted stuff like that irritated me so bad I couldn’t listen…but thought your latest shamanic stuff from the sample was a bit of a departure from your unique powerful style

  7. Hi Glenn, I too had drug problems leading to paranoia and in fact, psychosis – rock stardom wasn’t for me either! Looking inward and finding real magic was in fact the key to my life and you more than helped me on that quest. Thank you. Its good to hear about your life and its great to see how well things are going too.

  8. bless you Glenn, I have had chronic pain for over 5 years and listen to your voice every night, sometimes all night!
    Hope to get your latest on ITunes as only have Ipad and can’t download your recent ones.
    thank you.

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments, I really appreciate your feedback. Much love Glenn

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