Learn How To Astral Travel

Is it possible for us to travel beyond our bodies whilst being alive and conscious? If so, what mysteries might it reveal to us? Astral travel is the process of expanding our consciousness enough so that we are able to move beyond our physical body to another place or time.

Astral Travel

Astral travel or astral projection is the term used to describe an intentional out of body experience. This has been a concept for thousands of years that spans a multitude of cultures, ancient and current, across the globe.

This type of travel is a natural part of our experience as spiritual beings, as our soul and spirit operate the body like a vehicle throughout this dimensional reality. As remarkable as we are, our senses are vastly limited when compared with what is waiting for us beyond visible light.

Move beyond what is possible

Humans are multidimensional beings, living mostly in a five-sense existence that we call physical reality. It is only when we remove the limitation of what we think is possible, that we are able to move beyond this limited perception of experience.

Some people find that psychedelics and other altered states of consciousness allow us to break down the filters of the five senses to which we can truly experience our reality in its full vibrational framework.

Others go as far as to say they are able to connect with their intuition or a wavelength called morphic resonance. This is the idea that we are able to connect with an intelligence that operates as a mysterious telepathy-type interconnection between all living things and collective memories.

With a little practice, however, it is possible to astral travel without psychedelics.

Expand your consciousness

You should picture astral projection as a means of getting somewhere without actually having to move physically. The thought of moving can hinder some people when they are practising as they anticipate changes in feelings in the body.

If you were to draw your attention to your left elbow for example or listen to the sounds outside of the room, you would be directing your consciousness elsewhere without physically moving.

When astral travelling, you do the same thing. Whether you are travelling to a favourite holiday spot, a beach in Brazil, or to the moon. You do not physically travel anywhere; you simply expand your consciousness further afield.

Stay safe whilst travelling

A general rule of thumb whilst astral travelling is to stay in the light. When setting your destination out in space, be sure to visit places that have light. These can be stars and planets, or the outer edges of a galaxy. You should, however, avoid darker voids such as black holes, as their physics demonstrate they are destructive places.

One way to stay safe is to align yourself with divine will and stay focussed on the light. You can do this by becoming at one with your divinity, because like attracts like in the spiritual and astral dimensions.

We draw to us the things that vibrate at the same frequency that we do, so it is important to get into a peaceful, positive state of being before astral travelling.

Prepare yourself before astral travel

Environment. Your surrounding environment should be clean and organised, avoid clutter and too much chaos as these things will affect your state of mind.

Physical body. Just like having a clean space, it is important that your physical body is clean too. You should prepare with a warm shower or bath to help you relax, and it is also best to be well-rested beforehand so that you don’t fall asleep during the journey.

Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, it is also helpful that you haven’t eaten too much. Avoid caffeine and chocolate as you need to be clear and focussed throughout the journey.

Mind. Preparing the mind is key to a successful astral journey. We want it to be calm and tranquil, leaving the stresses of life behind, as you need to have a clear idea of where you are going, choosing your location before your journey.

When it comes to astral travel, you need to stay focused and concentrate on one point. Your body position should be one where you are sitting upright and cross-legged, keeping the spine straight.

It is vital that you direct your awareness into the present moment before projecting. Fifteen minutes of meditation should help, shifting your attention inwards and connecting to your divinity.

Exercises before astral travelling

The most important thing is remaining focussed whilst projecting, so it is advised that you practice these exercises for at least a week or so before you begin travelling.

Dot on the wall exercise. Stick a white piece of paper up on the wall with a black dot drawn in the centre. Concentrate on this black dot and only the black dot, staring at it for five minutes.

Once you have managed five minutes of near enough uninterrupted thought, close your eyes and picture the dot in your mind and do the same again for five minutes.

Expand the dot exercise. Next, you must imagine the black dot expanding in your mind until it touches the edges of the walls. This dot represents the veil between the physical and astral planes. In your mind, move towards the dot and pass your hand through it, getting a sense of its textures.

Practice these exercises at least once a day and when you are able to control the expansion of the dot without the interruption of thought, you are reading to astral travel.

Start astral travelling

Remember to be clear on the destination you wish to visit, write it out on a piece of paper and set a timer for about 30 or 40 minutes to control the length of your journey.

As before, start by imagining the black dot on the wall and expand it as you did in the second exercise so that it touches the edges of the walls.

When you move up to touch it this time, imagine the spherical dot expanding into a tunnel formation, keep your destination in mind and begin to travel through the tunnel.

This must be a place that you know to exist, somewhere that can be located on a map, or somewhere that you have a visual reference for. It could be any place on earth or even somewhere out in space, but you should have a specific image and a general direction as to where you should be heading too.

Spiritual Dimensions

When you are passing through the tunnel, travelling at the speed of thought, continue focussing on your destination. It is important that you are able to control your thoughts, and within an instant, you are there.

When it is time for you to return to your body, set the intention and make the decision to come back. You can visualise yourself and your body as magnets that are pulling towards each other.

As you close move closer, imagine your spirit easing back into your body. You do not have to rush, it is a liberating experience, so take your time.

Count down from ten to one, focussing on different parts of your body, one at a time, moving each limb as you do so.

As you return, it is important to ground yourself, so that you can reconnect safely.

Look down and imagine a system of roots growing from the soles of your feet that stretch down to the ground and into the soil, connecting you back with the earth, anchoring your body and spirit.

Once you have reconnected, you might want to ground yourself further. Try walking around barefoot for ten to fifteen minutes, on grass or earth, perhaps in a garden or a nearby park. 

There are earthing stones such as onyx, jasper, tigers eye and hematite that you will also help, so just hold them in the palm of your hand and concentrate on connecting with your physical reality in the present moment.

When you raise your consciousness up through the spiritual dimensions, your ego gets filtered out of the way so that you can enjoy an authentic experience of higher consciousness.

Good luck!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

– Albert Einstein

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