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I have been back in the UK now for just over a week after spending 2.5 months at a shamanic healing retreat in Boquete, Panama. I had an amazing time there and I learnt a lot about the shamanic arts. I participated in about 30 shamanic ceremonies, had a number of one to one energy clearings with a shaman, exercised daily and also detoxed and fasted for 11 days in total. It was like a mind, body, spirit work over and I have never felt as clear as I do now. And as a result of this work I am buzzing with energy and creative ideas.

I have been on the self-help path for about 20 years now, and never more than now have I realized the importance of making the most of life by working on myself. In my youth I drank heavily, smoked, took drugs, fought, slept around and didn’t give a flying f##k about my health and well-being, or anybody else’s for that matter. Not things I am proud of, but that was then and this is now (that would make a good new book title).

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Nowadays I love healing myself and helping others, I am vegan because I love all animals and I meditate regularly. However, my ‘wasted yoof’ was not a complete waste, as it has given me perspective and a momentum that has propelled me along the healing path at speed. Self-hypnosis and the Law of attraction gave me a way out of my dysfunction and when I realised I could empower myself from the inside out, I never looked back.

Life is a gift, a huge opportunity to learn, grow and release things that hold us back. The shamanic ceremonies and clearings were sometimes challenging and a lot of people would have said a bit bonkers. But I am one who believes in these ancient arts and sacred cultures, and shamanism is a powerful way to evolve and grow spiritually. It teaches you that when you are aligned with the divine Mother (Pachamama), you live in peace and harmony and you become a divine expression of our loving creator. And man that is a good place to be! ☺ It is where we all belong!

When you become more spiritually aligned, life flows more easily and makes sense. It is also easier to break free from some of the driving forces behind addictions, anxiety, fear and over indulgence. But as with all long term rewards you need to apply effort and discipline. I have just finished a two hour ceremony in my home and have plugged back into my Panama experience. If you want to connect more with your spiritual self, do something every day that helps you feel connected and aligned. 

Here is a tip for generating more love in your life and raising your vibration


  • Whenever you are out and about make a habit of projecting a positive feeling of love to everyone you pass by. Imagine a strong feeling of love coming from your heart and reaching their heart, and silently focus on the word ‘love’. When you do this, avoid judgement or discrimination. Just go inside and connect with a feeling of love from your heart chakra. It is important to feel it and not just think it.
  • Practise this technique with anyone and everyone you come in to contact with: family, friends, acquaintances and strangers, and always be generous with your words and time. The more love you give out, the more it will come into your life. This simple act can transform your life.


I love hearing from you guys so do post your feedback below. I can’t answer individual questions here but I do want to grow this blog and make it informative and helpful, so whatever you feel, post your thoughts below.


With love



PS: for those who missed my last blog post, here are the downloads from last time:

My existing solfeggio meditation recordings cover aspects of shamanic healing and you can download my free 639Hz solfeggio meditation recording here:



I also recommend my 528Hz solfeggio meditation which touches on healing imprints in the luminous energy field:



Do post your feedback about these recordings in the comments below. Thank you!







    • Hi, I bought the CDs from Nice to hear about you. Polly

  2. Dear Glen,
    I am delighted to read your new blog, as I have benefited greatly from your very earliest audio cassette recordings, which are the only ones that actually work for me in terms of relaxation and renewal. I need to update them, and visit your online store…
    Sincere thanks

  3. many thanks glenn

  4. Morning Glenn,I’ve been listening to your meditation hypnosis cd’s for quite a few years now. I started with “heal your body” and loved it so much starting looking for other recordings of yours..I have a large collection of meditation cd’s, but your’s are my favorite by far.. I now have all of the Solfeggio recordings on my Mp3 player and alternate them throughout the week, listening to them when I go to bed.. If I can get deep enough in meditation, I can feel how the music is affecting me in different parts of my body. It’s a beautiful feeling. Other times I fall asleep listening, but I know they have left me with a positive feeling when I wake up. The results are slow and slight, so it isn’t like you listen once and wake up a new person.. But over time, I’ve realized that things that used to eat away at me, no longer seem to be an issue. The only thing I can attribute that to is these recordings…I look forward to any and all new recordings you make in the future.. Thank you for the beautiful work you do..

  5. Dear Glenn,

    Thank you so much for your well-intentioned work; I feel your sincere desire to help others comes through in your recordings. Bless you for the free recordings that you have made available; in time, God-Willing, I hope to purchase your recordings but for now, until I can afford to buy them, the free ones are truly an answer to my prayers and tremendously helpful.

    I had been suffering from severe ill-health and subsequent spill-effects in other areas of my life for a very long time and with God’s Grace, your recordings have made a positive difference in my life. I only came across them very recently. The first time I listened to your Meditation4Wisdom, I actually cried – it was the therapeutic healing kind of crying. And then I came across your Solfeggio heart chakra recording which was also very impactful; I could actually feel it working in my body.

    Since these Solfeggio recordings are so healing and so needed by so many people – with some of the ones who most need them not being able to afford them – I wonder if you would consider making all 6 of the Solfeggio recordings available for free and ask for those who can afford them to pay for them on a donation basis? And at the same time, request that those who currently can’t afford them but are benefiting from them for free, also pay for them on a donation basis once they are in a position to pay for them? I’m not sure how feasible this would be for you, but since the thought came to my mind, I felt it’s worth asking at least.

    At any rate, thank you for your good intentions and good efforts; I hope God keeps your light shining brightly always.

    Love and Light . . .

    • That is a great idea, its a good way for us regular people to help the less fortunate amongst us.

  6. Dear Glenn , Greetings and Gratitude – I am so glateful that you continue to expand and evolve – as we all ultimately benefit from your ever increasing awareness and experiences.
    I have a simple question that I hope you or someone else will honour me by answering more fully and that is: HOW? How do you ” Just go inside and connect with your heart chakra – it is important to feel it not just think it” ?
    and what kind of sensation and/or energy am I likely to feel so that I know that I am connected to my Heart chakra or any other chakra for that matter, Peta

  7. I’m so thankful to have found you, Glenn. Thank you for being a still, calm voice of kindness and encouragement.

  8. Dear Glenn ,Thank you so much for sharing all your life, It gave me
    energy for continuing life in good way , I’ve listened Ultimate Hypnosis
    from you more than one year and love beach meditation,I look forward to all recordings you in future.

  9. I will start this today 🙂 thank you for sharing this technique.

  10. Glenn,
    My experience with your work is much like that of other who have posted here. The Solfeggio recordings are like nothing I have ever heard before. I became interested in Ali Calderwood’s work, too. The combination of your voice and his music resonates healing. I have learned to experienced true relaxation because of the Solfeggoo recordings. It’s opened up a new perspective for me. I have had a life plagued by depression and emptiness and I am happy to say that I am moving away from that. Life is so beautiful. I am so grateful I found you. Led to you by the Source. Last weekend I got out my DVDs of What the Bleep Do We Know. You must have seen it. It’s all about quantum physics and the unified field. The other day I suddenly became willing to let go of what I was focusing on and become one with my surroundings (it’s all me anyhow). I suddenly felt connected with my self and not cut off. I don’t know what it was but suddenly I got it. If I want to be free from the craziness of my life, I need to practice letting it go. When I let go of it and let go of it in my body I feel enveloped in a love I have never known before. So glad to have a place to share that. Hope to grow more capable in loving and healing others it’s always been a hope. So I am throwing it out there into the universe. Thanks Glenn. Thank you for sharing how much you still want to grow and know more. It’s inspiring. Blessings to you and all you do.

  11. I have used your recordings since 2004 and they have helped me achieve many goals and deal with difficult life events. I am now about to take up a scholarship in a U S university at the age of 57. The positivity transmitted by your worknhas certainly helped me get where I am today. My next challenge is to overcome the claustrophobia I have suffered from for some years now , and I am using your Phobias recording to help me do this.
    Thank you for your encouragement and humanity

  12. Hi Glenn,

    Interesting parallels between your training and mine although we come from completely different backgrounds.

    I studied with LCCH between 2004 and 2006.Between 2008 and 2012 I studied at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Europe and then in 2011 commenced training as a shamanic practitioner. I expect to qualify this year.

    Nice to meet a fellow traveller.

  13. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for sharing your past with us. It can give hope to those in the pits that everyone has a chance to improve and that successful people might not necessarily always have had a smooth path.
    I like your CD’s. I use the Deep Sleep. I actually took me over a year to once hear the end, 99% of the time I am asleep before reaching the end! Compared to other similar products I like the way you mix in music and possibly (I am not sure) some elements of an alpha drivers (see Lifeflow alpha driver).
    Keep up the good work

  14. Wow – thanks for being so honest about your life!

    I wasted my youth as well on partying, alcohol and drugs but am slowly beginning to fully awaken. It’s never too late to turn your life around and, as you said, suddenly it all makes sense! 🙂

    I love the Solfeggio meditations. The 630Hz finally opened my heart and helped me become vegan. I feel so much better now and am ever so grateful for that!

    Thank you, Glenn and Anima xx

  15. Hi Glenn,

    I never had problems with addiction but I had a very, very hard life, disfunctional family, most people
    I met never genuine or nice. I’m not religious so professional people like you are a great help for me,
    I need to be told again and again I ok, I worth it.

    Thanks so much Glenn (money well spend)

  16. I purchased the 528Hz product and enjoyed it, not noticed any benefit as yet. I then purchased the 825Hz product, that was something else, the only way I can describe it is the music reached the back part of the brain and I wanted to scratch it! I am a healer and medium and the 825 has opened -I think another door. Some of the meditation words indicate to me you that you may have had some of the same spiritual experiences as myself. I have just got 741 and yet to listen to it. I have read some reviews on the solfeggio scales and there is some scepticism. However your work be it the words or music or tone has an effect.

  17. I always thought a hypnosis session which would help us all become ever more brilliantly loving would be a peak experience. What could be better?I am a teacher with 27 years experience and I teach my students to use their brilliant minds in complete service of their loving hearts. What do you think, Glenn?

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