Create a More Positive Future

With the negativity surrounding us, the world can be a scary place, full of fears and uncertainty. Taking charge of your life may seem impossible, but with the right attitude, you can create your own positive future and live the life that you dream of.

Get healthy
The best way to ensure a positive future is to take care of your body and mind. Eating right and exercising regularly will help you on your way to long term health and happiness. Scientists and doctors have discovered that our emotional health is inexorably linked to our physical well-being and ability to heal ourselves, so positivity and good eating habits are a winning combination!

Be Positive with Hypnosis

Laugh it out!
Researchers have found that you can even achieve the same positive biological and physiological effects by forcing a smile, rather than wearing one naturally. Never mind about ‘smile lines’; smiling and laughing boost the immune system and do you the power of good. The average four-year-old laughs around 300 times per day, compared to around 15 times for the average 40-year-old. Try to recapture that childlike sense of fun, and reap the benefits!

Happy, positive people are better equipped to cope with life’s difficulties. When you create a strong positive mental outlook you will be able to deal with stress and the pressures of life. Surround yourself with positive people who have similar ambitions and who inspire you, and avoid people who drain your energy.

To create a positive future you have to believe your future is golden in the first place. Even if things are not how you want them to be now, you can always change them. You do this not through wishing or yearning, which is weak and ineffective, but through positive visualisation and creating strong inner beliefs that your future will be everything you want it to be.

Set your goals
Having goals to aim for is crucial for creating a positive outlook. If you don’t have ambitions then life happens to you, rather than you taking charge and creating the life you want. Write down a list of goals for your personal life and one for your work or career. List ten clear goals for each, in the present tense, as though they are a reality now. When making your lists, make sure you set a time frame for all the goals to be achieved. Print them out and place them wherever you can see them every day.

Focus your energy on creating a future in which you feel happy and comfortable. See yourself healthy and happy; your life full of abundance and contentment. Allow yourself the joy of this vision and create pictures in your mind of how it will look and be. The more you feel and believe in your positive future, the more likely it is to become a reality.

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  1. I love this post! This is a nice reminder of staying positive! This is a great blog post. I have been struggling with personal issues for 10 years and have found reaching out online to seek the advice of others has helped me through the good and bad time.

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