Create a space for meditation

When we practise self-hypnosis or meditation, we access the right hemisphere of the brain. The right side is where your creativity lies and through hypnosis and meditation, you will be tapping into the infinite, universal source of creativity that is available to us all.

To practise meditation, it helps to create the right environment. Of course, it is perfectly possible to meditate on a busy train or at your desk at work, but when you are first starting out, it’s enormously helpful to have a place of peace to which you can retreat. Follow these steps to create the perfect space.

Keep it separate
If you can, keep your meditation space separate from the rest of your home. It’s easy to get distracted by certain rooms, so create focus with a dedicated area. This can help you to perfect your technique, and encourage regular practice. Use a box room, screen off an area of the living room, even set up a tent in the garden! The space itself is irrelevant; it’s about knowing that it is purely for you to meditate.

Clear the clutter
There’s little so off-putting as mess and clutter, reminding you of the things that ‘need’ to be done, instead of taking time for yourself. Ensure that your meditation space is free from these distractions, and give yourself room to breathe. Turn off phones, email notifications, televisions and computers to help you to keep your focus.

Create a meditation space

Lighten up
Lighting is a very personal choice when it comes to meditation. Some prefer natural daylight or bright sunlight, and others soft lighting, candles or firelight. (Take care when using candles and don’t leave them unattended or in a draught.) There is no right or wrong lighting; simply choose what makes you feel most relaxed.

Calm all the senses
Use essential oils or organic candles to fill your space with beautiful fragrance. Choose soft music, or one of my recordings to create the perfect atmosphere for meditation or self-hypnosis.

Create comfort
Use a yoga mat, cushions, a throw, beanbag or a soft chair to make the process of meditation as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Place a few beautiful items in your space. These shouldn’t be distracting, but things that you love and that make you feel peaceful. Choose a beautiful picture, sculpture, stones, shells or flowers. Keep it simple. Personally, I find crystals very useful, as they create focus without distraction.

Fill the space with love
Whenever you meditate, start by giving thanks for all the blessings in your life. Close your eyes and imagine your meditation space filling with a pure white light. Send love and gratitude out into the universe to give your new space a powerful, positive energy. This will resonate back to you every time that you use it.

Meditate or use self-hypnosis in your space regularly. By switching off your intellectual mind and connecting with positive thoughts and feelings you will allow your cells to recharge and feel more positive, relaxed and energised.


P.S. Try my guided meditations below to help develop a regular meditation routine:

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