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Self confidence is something that we admire in others, but often struggle with ourselves. We have all met a person that exudes warmth and charisma, who can talk to a room full of people and make them feel good, whom everyone respects and loves to be around. Wouldn’t it feel great to BE that person? Follow my steps to supreme self confidence and you can make it happen!

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Challenge your inner voice
We all have a voice in our head that tells us that we aren’t quite good enough, or that we can’t do something. Thousands of years ago, this little voice was designed to protect us from harm, but all too often, it stops us from enjoying life instead! Learn to question the voice. Any time you have a negative thought, particularly a recurring one, think of three things that prove that the negative thought is wrong. The more that you challenge your negative inner voice, the more confident you will become.

Be childlike
Think about the way that most young children approach something new. They don’t question whether they are capable, and they don’t worry that they will do something wrong or that they will be laughed at. They simply assume that they will be competent, even brilliant at it! Try to approach new challenges with a similar confidence.

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Keep your chin up!
Your behaviour, your body language, how you speak, and what you say all contribute to how confident you appear to others. It takes seven seconds for a first impression to take hold, and the first thing that we see when we meet someone new, is the way that they stand. A slouching posture is an instant giveaway that someone is shy or anxious, but a self assured person will easily be recognised by their excellent posture. Yoga, dancing, Pilates and walking are all enormously beneficial to improving your posture, your fitness and your confidence levels too!

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Fake it till you make it
Whilst self confident people make everything look very effortless, the fact remains that in the beginning at least, it takes quite a bit of effort! The trick is to play the part of someone that feels confident, until it starts to happen naturally. If you need to, you can use ‘props’ for this, such as wearing a particular colour, or using an accessory such as a certain a pair of shoes, a jacket, tie or bag. Make it a rule that when you have this item with you, you are your most confident self. The more you focus your attention on being confident, the more self assured you will become.

Be positive
Make a habit of saying positive things to yourself, even when you mess up! If you make a mistake, detach yourself from the situation and look for the lesson in it, but do not be self-critical. Even the most successful people make mistakes and errors of judgement. However, a successful person would not dwell upon their mistake; they would learn from their error and move on. Retain your self-belief by maintaining a positive internal dialogue.

Be nice
Don’t confuse self assuredness with arrogance; truly confident people have no need to tear others down in order to feel good about themselves. Confident people build others up too! The more that you support, compliment and encourage others, the more you will receive in return. It feels good to know that by working on your own confidence, you can give those around you a boost at the same time.

Self confidence exercise
Close your eyes and relax. Imagine yourself as you want to be. See your ideal self standing in front of you, full of confidence and self-belief. See the way this self-assured person stands and notice how they hold themselves, making the picture very positive and bright and clear.

Now step into your ideal self. Notice how good you feel. Amplify the positive feelings and affirm they will stay with you in your everyday life. Practise this technique regularly to give yourself a confidence boost and help you to progress further along the path to supreme self-confidence.

Enjoy your journey!

All the best,


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