Recognising your Past Life

The unconscious mind

Our unconscious mind is an incredibly powerful resource that goes further than you might think. You may have heard the saying, “We only use part of our brain.” We are unaware of this because we only knowingly operate through the conscious part. If used correctly, the unconscious can be a fantastic source of guidance and an effective healing tool to bring about healing and happiness.

Past life regression is becoming an ever more popular technique used by hypnotherapists and its effectiveness is posing a new question to mainstream science; does our unconscious mind store information from our past lives? If so, then does it have the potential to use that intelligence to fix things in our current existence. Many therapists are discovering it can also work the other way around, past life trauma can be carried over into other lifetimes and can be deemed as the root cause of problems that we have no explanation for in this lifetime.

We live in a fast-paced society and are subsequently bombarded with information from all angles since birth. It’s no wonder why we have difficulty recalling these memories and thoughts when they are buried so deep down in our unconscious.

Some highly respected psychology professionals now believe that the experiences in our lives result from a life plan that we created before we were born. It is a belief that this plan is based on past life experiences, what we learnt and how we reacted to them in a previous incarnation. This is also known as Karma

What is past life regression?

Past life regression is a hypnotherapy technique used by therapists that aims to reassess former life experiences by prompting the client to relive and experience those incarnations. It takes the individual back in time to unearth memories that are hidden in the unconscious mind that we are otherwise unable to tap into.

It is a common misconception that it is the therapist who ‘performs’ hypnotherapy on the client, especially with techniques such as past life regression. Most of the emphasis is put on the individual under hypnosis, as it is only them who can recall their own past experiences. The practitioner’s job is to guide them into a relaxed state and cancel out any noise inside their mind so that they become suggestible to promote recall. Specific questions are designed to evoke statements and memories of the client’s past lives.

Questions such as “What is your name and age?” or “Where do you live” and “What year is it?” are commonly asked. Clients are often asked to describe their surroundings and can also be asked about things that might be related to existing issues in their current life. If they are able to relive these relatable experiences, they can get closure or some kind of relief by simply understanding the root cause and how to work on it in this lifetime.

In successful sessions, the client is able to experience full sensory awareness whilst in trance. They can pick up on their name, age, appearance, location, and even smell. Specific details and even sounds can be recalled which can feel so lifelike that they can be perceived to be emanating from within the room.

Waterlily floating on a lake

How can it help?

The most interesting cases can be those where clients slip into past life regression without being prompted to do so. Quite often it is these cases that seem to be the most authentic, there is somebody I used to see who is worth mentioning to use here to use as an example of this.

A number of years ago I had a client come to see me because they were having trouble sleeping. She told me that she was afraid of the dark. Just as I usually would, I began the process of regressing her back to the root cause of the problem. A few minutes in, my client spontaneously slipped into a past life where she was able to describe in great detail, sacrificial rituals taking place in a temple, possibly thousands of years ago. Just like that, she was able to connect with specific memories, not of this lifetime, seemingly taking place right before her eyes.

About midway through the regression, the lady began speaking in Egyptian, which I thought was a little odd at the time. At the end of the session, I asked her if she spoke any other languages, to which she replied no, only English. Amazingly she was able to demonstrate the capacity to speak in Egyptian fluently and could have possibly called upon former knowledge from a previous life.

I saw her again a couple of weeks later and the therapy had been a success, she had not experienced any sleeping difficulties since the session.

Sometimes sessions can be unusual when getting to the root cause of an issue as you never know what the unconscious may throw up. My client was never forced to regress into a past life but did so spontaneously on her own accord.

The unconscious mind found a solution to her fear of the dark by going into this past life and purging. Which poses the question, does the unconscious mind have an intelligence of its own? Can it connect with our soul and the life spanning experience that is there to help and guide us?

Self hypnosis exercise

Find a quiet comfortable spot. Just as you would with a mediation, it’s important to find somewhere where you will not be disturbed, perhaps on a bed or a couch. It is important to coax your mind into a state that is as relaxed as possible when trying to recall a past life, so close the curtains and create a dark space.

Close your eyes. Remove any thoughts in your mind, concentrate on your breathing if it helps you to stay focussed. Be mindful of your stomach expanding as you breathe in deeply, contracting as you exhale. Create a circular breathing motion and continue to do this until you feel completely relaxed and centred.

Intention. Once you have cleared your mind and you feel at peace, tell the universe that it is your intention to recall past life memories. Don’t overanalyse what you might experience as this will only pull you out of the meditative state that you are already in. Once you have put forward your intention, continue to relax, and keep your mind clear.

Deep, relaxed state. You may by now feel like you are slipping into a trance, this is perfect as it means that your brain is moving into the theta state. It is here where we are most open to past life memories as well as other psychic capabilities.

Keep an open mind. Once you have succeeded in reaching your relaxed, trance-like state, allow your mind to wander. Keep an open mind to the fact that what you’re seeing might actually be true. Try to set aside any judgement that you may have, remember, everyone makes mistakes, even previous incarnations of you! If you are lucky enough to experience a recall, write it down and keep it in a journal.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” – Vicki Corona

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