Overcome fear and negativity

With recent events, the world can feel like a very scary and uncertain place. It’s more important than ever to minimise negative thoughts, and to spread peace and happiness where you can.

Overcome fear and negativity

Follow these steps to strengthen your positivity and overcome fear and negativity.

Be grateful
I say this time and time again, but for all the world’s challenges, there are plenty of things to be grateful for. A spectacular sunset, laughing with your friends, dancing, or even just being able to read a good book. Keep a gratitude journal, or create a display of photos that provide a constant reminder of all the things that you are thankful for.

Build strength
You need to build strategies to minimise negative thinking, fear and worry. Generate as many positive thoughts and feelings as possible. If you need to, use a song as an ‘anchor’. Choose one that always makes you feel strong and upbeat, with positive lyrics. Listen to it regularly, and play it whenever you are struggling with fear or uncertainty.

Repel negativity
Be selective about what you absorb. Try to avoid negative stories in the media, as what we watch and read impacts our thinking more than we realise. When you experience negativity from outside influences you can still remain in your own centred space and stay in a place of strength. Imagine a pure white light surrounding you and feel it protect you from negativity. As you become stronger and more positive, you will notice that you start to use these powers to help others too.

SmileSpend five minutes a day making a conscious effort to smile – it really does work and the response from others will nearly always be uplifting! Smile to yourself and smile at others. If you wake up feeling grumpy for whatever reason make a point of smiling at the first person you see that day.

Strengthen your positivity
A good way to build a positive outlook is to incorporate triggers into your routine that remind you to keep positive. These triggers can become habit forming once you have done them a few times. The triggers could be anything that you feel will be a good daily reminder such as:

  • Feeling the water on your head once you have stepped into the shower.
  • Taking your seat on the train to work.
  • Placing your hands on the car steering wheel each time you drive.

Use these triggers to remind yourself to spend time each day indulging yourself in positive affirmations, such as:

“I look for the positive in every situation.”
“I release any negative thoughts or feelings.”
“I feel positive and optimistic.”

This will help you to programme your mind to be more positive. If you went to the gym every day you would build a toned and fit body. Similarly, when you use these techniques every day you build a very positive mindset.

Exercise – projecting positivity
Whenever you are out and about make a habit of projecting a positive feeling of love to everyone you pass by. Imagine a strong feeling of love coming from your heart and reaching their heart, and silently focus on the word ‘love’. When you do this, avoid judgement or discrimination. Practise this technique with anyone and everyone: family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

When you get into the habit of projecting out positive feelings to everyone you meet without prejudice, this will open your heart and change the way you feel towards people. You will become naturally more compassionate and loving and, importantly, you will also be attracting more love back into your life. The universal law of attraction states: ‘what you give out will come back to you’. This is a great technique for helping you to feel good inside and overcoming fear and negativity.


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  1. Hi Glen,
    I’m starting a wellness group for people aged 16 -25. I’m going to use your relaxation app with the group. I’ve read that such apps can be unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18. Also, as the hypnosis apps can bring to the surface suppressed negative feelings, I’m just concerned that some people could become suicidal.

    Could you reassure that the app is ok to use with under 18 year olds and depressed people, living in the community.

    Many thanks

    The group does incorporate other activities

    • Hello Sarah, this is Russ from Glenn’s team. If any of your group suffers with serious depression or epilepsy please ask them to consult their doctor before using the hypnosis and meditation recordings. However, the Glenn’s recordings are very healing orientated and are very unlikely to have any detrimental effect.

      We recommend them for children of secondary school age, and we also have titles available for younger children on our website. You may be interested in Glenn’s Children’s Confidence MP3 https://www.hypnosisaudio.com/products/a-childrens-confidence-mp3-download

      I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to email me at sales@hypnosisaudio.com

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