Space Clearing for Beginners

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately noticed a change in how you feel? Could you sense the energy and notice an inner shift, whether it was for better or worse? We are energetic beings and therefore we are undoubtedly affected by the energy of the environment we find ourselves in.

Singing bowls

Nowadays, we are becoming increasingly interested in learning how to clear the space around us to remove foreign, negative energies that do not serve us and also how to create a positive environment that nurtures us; body, mind and soul.

In this current worldwide pandemic, so many of us are experiencing fear, despair, sadness and hopelessness. As a collective, this creates an aura around the body of Mother Earth which of course will affect all of us here living on this plane.

It’s taking ‘extra work’ shall we say, to remain grounded, peaceful and aligned in truth, but it’s absolutely possible to create a nourishing energy within us and within our homes, which can radiate out into the world.

We are being called to create our New World and small, regular practices can heal not only ourselves, but Mother Earth too.

Here are our top 5 tips for remaining energetically clear:

1. Cleanse Your Inner World

Daily energy practices to cleanse your energetic field are crucial right now. This could be as simple as a daily prayer; asking Spirit to cleanse you of all that no longer serves you, or you can listen to a guided meditation, specifically designed to heal and cleanse your energy.

We must also be aware of the energy that we consume, through what we eat and drink. Fruits, vegetables and organic wholefoods will naturally hold a higher vibrational energy than processed foods and alcohol etc.

Be gentle with yourself and follow the 80:20 rule, but be aware that what you are putting into your body will have an affect on how you feel. Practicing self care through eating healthily, exercising regularly and spending time in nature will all have a positive impact on you; body, mind and soul.

2. Clear Your Environment

Space clearing your home regularly is important if you want to feel good. If you live in shared accommodation and it’s not possible to space clear the entire home, just do what you can i.e. space clearing your bedroom to keep your personal space as clean as possible.

Open windows to allow the fresh air to circulate and burn white sage, palo santo or incense which will clear away negative energy. Always make sure you have a window or door open to allow the smoke to carry away the unwanted energy.

Once in a hotel room, my wife space cleared the room but the window was broken and wouldn’t open. Unfortunately, this meant the unwanted energy had nowhere to go and she had an extremely uncomfortable night’s sleep and woke up at 3am feeling suffocated from the accumulation of energy!

Sage burning
3. Create a Sanctuary of Peace

Your home should ideally be your safe space and a place in which you feel calm, connected and at peace. How does this look and feel for you? Would creating a spiritual altar in your home help you to remain spiritually connected?

It could be as small as a shelf that you decorate with candles and crystals or as large as an entire room that you keep private and dedicate to your spiritual work. Keeping your home clutter free creates a sense of physical space and when we remember that our outer world reflects our inner world, a clutter free home can mean a clutter free mind.

Other ways to create your sanctuary include decorating your home with soft furnishings such as blankets and cushions that make you feel warm, cosy and protected (especially in winter), lighting candles and incense and playing peaceful or uplifting music. Which brings me to my next point…

4. Music as Medicine

We cannot deny how good it feels to play our favourite music and sometimes dance like nobody is watching! But are you aware that the type of music you play greatly affects how you feel?

Sound is vibration and every vibration holds a unique frequency which can alter how we feel and instantly change the energy of a room. Solfeggio frequencies in particular, which date back to ancient times, are specific sounds that promote and bring about certain positive changes in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Sound medicine is growing in popularity thanks to the increase in gong meditations, singing bowl practices and mantra meditation. Scientists are finding more and more evidence which supports how sound can alter our brain and promote healing.

If using sound is of particular interest to you, then I highly recommend researching this subject more deeply.

5. Connect with Like Minded People

Surrounding yourself with those who make you feel good can definitely impact your energy in a positive way. As humans we are designed to connect and interact with others. Unfortunately, many of us have now been thrown into another lockdown, which for some means we are spending most days completely by ourselves. So, it’s time to get creative!

If you are unable to mix with friends in person, why not organise an ‘online party’? If you’re feeling lonely, reach out. Phone a friend, facetime with a loved one, connect with people online, write a letter, send that message…do whatever you can to increase your interaction with others if it’s important for you.

We must not allow the division in the world to cut us off completely from others. It’s only together that we can move towards a better world.

“We may not be able to control the events happening in the world around us, but we can absolutely take responsibility for our energetic health and wellbeing and practice becoming the change we want to see in the world.”

Let’s end with a Prayer of Protection...

I call upon you Great Spirit/God/Goddess/Angels and ask for Divine Protection.
May a pure white light flow through me and surround me, clearing away all lower vibrational energies that no longer serve me.
May my body, mind and spirit be fully cleansed and healed, for the greater good of all.
May my heart be open, pure and true.
May I live fully, from a place of love and greater understanding.
I am safe.
I am healed.
I am truth.
I am love.
Now and for always.
Thank you for your Divine Protection.
So be it and so it is.

By Glenn Harrold

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