How To Improve Your Memory

Memories are one of our most important and treasured possessions, from recollecting a happy childhood, practising a presentation for work or simply remembering where we have left the car keys!

Memory problems can be a vicious cycle; being stressed can cause memory problems, and having a bad memory can be a cause of stress. The good news is that your memory is like a muscle, and with training it can improve, even as you grow older. Follow these steps to improve your memory.

Brain food!

Each part of the body needs certain nutrients to keep it in tip-top condition, and the brain is no exception. Wholegrains, nuts and seeds, broccoli, blueberries, avocado, and even cocoa (in moderation) have all proven to help the brain stay healthy and perform well.


drink water to stay hydratedDrinking at least two litres of water every day keeps you feeling fresh and focused. Our brain needs water to process information and retain memories, so keep a clear head by drinking plenty of water.

If you find it hard to drink water on its own, try adding a slice of citrus fruit to hot or ice cold water.

You can also buy fruit infuser drinking bottles which provide a natural boost of vitamins as you drink.

Get moving

Research suggests that regular exercise improves brain function, slows down the mental aging process and helps us process information more effectively. Add this to the other benefits of exercise, and it’s a ‘no-brainer’!


When we sleep, our brain processes information from the day’s events, stores the necessary and gets rid of anything that isn’t needed. Get a good night’s sleep and your memory will retain information effectively. Get phones, tablets and televisions out of the bedroom and make it a haven for sleep and relaxation. See my previous blog on creating the perfect space for sleep.

Keep learning

Our brain is like a muscle, and the more we use them, the stronger they grow. Keep your brain active with crosswords, Sudoku or logic puzzles. Learn new skills by going to classes, asking friends to skill-swap with you or even watching and learning from video tutorials online. The more that you learn, the greater your thirst for knowledge will become!

puzzles to keep your memory active

Top tip – never forget a name again!

Here is a simple technique you can use to remember the names of people you meet. The next time you meet someone whose name you want to remember, link their first and last names to famous names. For example, you meet a man called John Marley.

Close your eyes and visualise him in a scene with John Lennon and Bob Marley. Maybe imagine your new acquaintance on stage jamming away with John and Bob? Create a clear picture in your mind of the three of them together. If you want to remember what John does for a living, imagine the three of them on stage, doing whatever it is that he does, with crowds cheering and clapping.

Make it funny and colourful and use as many senses as you can when creating the visualisation. The more ridiculous you can make the image, the more likely you are to remember it! Reinforce the image a few times and it will become very strong; creating a permanent long-term memory.

Be kind to yourself

We can be very self-critical when it comes to memory. Multi-tasking and being constantly ‘switched on’ due to smartphones and other gadgets, can contribute to stress and memory problems. Write things down as soon as you think of them and try to do one thing at a time!

A key rule is to ensure that you never tell yourself you have a bad memory. So many people believe their memory will worsen with age and, for many, it becomes a mantra that they repeat over and over to themselves and others. This is an affirmation and, if you say it often enough, it becomes self-fulfilling.

Just because you lose your car keys, or forget a birthday doesn’t mean you have a bad memory. It just means that your focus was elsewhere. So get rid of any belief that you have a poor memory, and accept that, from now on, your memory is going to improve.

Use the following affirmations any time that you are stressed about your memory, or are having trouble recalling information.

I am at peace with myself and the world around me
My memory improves with age
I remember and recall information easily
My mind is calm and clear
I believe in myself

These are very powerful and will totally transform the way that you think about your memory skills.

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