I get some beautiful, heart-warming emails and posts from people who have had amazing experiences using my recordings. This one is a poem from a lovely lady who has been using my recordings for some time:

“For Glenn, please make sure he gets it. Thank you Glenn for all you’ve done for me!

Falling into a hole

I walk around, not paying attention to where I’m going and fall into a deep dark hole. I’m scared and alone. Shocked and Desperate I call out for help but no one comes, no one hears me. I sit down and cry, scared and alone, not knowing what to do. I feel I might die in here all alone and scared.

Then suddenly I hear people gathering around the hole. I don’t feel so alone as I cry out for help. I stand and reach up, I feel fingertips touching mine, and realize its my family and friends searching for me. The touch is light, but hopeful. People know I’m here. I feel love beginning to penetrate. They try to reach me, but can’t quite get a good grasp.

I feel more fingertips and realize its doctors, who give me a bottle of medicine, I take it, and it makes me feel a little better, not much though. And I’m still stuck in the hole.

I feel another set of fingertips touching mine, I hear a lot of talking, but it makes very little sense to me, kind of muffled. I know they are trying to help me, but the talking isn’t helping much. I lose contact with them. And I’m still in the hole.

Then I feel some strong hands firmly grasping my wrists. I begin to feel safer more secure and hopeful. I have hope I might get out of the hole. They give me hypnosis recordings and talk to me of the Law Of Attraction… and slowly add EFT, NLP, coaching and counsel me about my enneatype, and I slowly begin to understand myself and how I fell into this hole. Slowly they pull me up as I begin to feel slightly lighter.

Law of Attraction

I’m not out of the hole yet, but with strong hands grasping my wrists and people telling me I can get out, and with direct and firm but caring instructions I am feeling lighter. I feel more and more certain that I will soon be on firm ground again.

I am grateful, as I listen carefully to do what I am told. I have a lot of work to do. Its not as easy as I thought, climbing out of this scary hole. I must face my fears and hurts, with much help, thankfully I am not alone and its so much better than being stuck in the hole.
Soon I feel more and more lighter. I feel more joy and love surrounding me. And more and more I feel the light on my face as I’m guided up and out of the hole.

With my feet on the ground, I am firmly guided away from the hole. I hug the people who helped me and cry tears of happiness, not ones of fear, sadness and desperation.

I escaped the deep, dark hole and I’m ever so grateful! I’m smarter now, and know where the hole is. I understand myself and I see the holes easier so I don’t fall in so readily in the future.

Although the holes in our lives make us feel scared and sad, they are there to teach us about love and light. They teach us who cares about us, and that we are not ever alone. That we need to love ourselves and take good care of ourselves. They teach us to face our fears and hurts, be flexible and that we need to focus our thoughts on the positives in our lives and live gratefully each day.”

DD. October 2013

I replied to DD:

“Hi DD

This is beautiful, it really drew me in! You are so right that the only way to overcome the darkness is to face it. And then you keep working on clearing the energy behind it. I still do most days!  It is truly awesome to hear of your progress and I am proud that I have played a small part in that. Long may your heart keep opening and you light shine ever brighter.

I will ask Russ if we have a place on our web site to add this as it is very special.

Much love,


And DD replied: 

“I’m so glad you liked it Glenn! If you can find a place on your website, I would be honoured.

You played a bigger role than you give yourself credit for, your apps pulled me through some extremely challenging times and have stopped a thousand tears from falling, and continue to this day to help me. Your book The Answer is a great resource for me as well. I will never forget our Skype either, you gave me so much hope, even as the counsellor I was seeing at the time was discouraging me, you encouraged me to follow my heart, and you had confidence in me! Yours was the first hand I felt helping me. I really can’t thank you enough!

Much Love and light, DD”


  1. Wonderfull , you are a true inspiration Glenn

  2. When I was in a hole I went to bookshop just to look around to find something to read’ to lift my spirit a bit just for that moment. Whatever. But I didn’t walk out with the book. Something drew me to CD called “A Chakra Meditation” by Glenn Harrold. Didn’t know that name at all yet so I didn’t know also what to expect.But I had day off and I thought I’m going listen to this. I brought it home, put headphones on and… What a surprise! What a lovely recording! And the affirmations pan from left to right on headphones, recording that gave me very nice relax and was also very interesting. Enough, to find out who is this guy. So I found the website, I’ve read a bit about Glenn, hypnosis and purchased CD “Overcoming Addiction” to break my many years weed addiction. Affirmations that pan from left to right on headphones not only was doing that, but also got deep to my mind. And I found myself acting according to them, that’s mean I stopped smoking weed in a few weeks and I was doing it every single day for many years!!! Now I listen Glenn’s recording on a daily basis. I have quite big collection! Is about two years, or a little more and I’m far on the way of changing my life on every aspect, using Glenn’s recordings they are really powerful and helpful and life changing, especially with inspiring life story of author. Book “The Answer” is to me now like life handbook, and just today I started my detox program inspired by Glenn’s book “Look young, live longer”. The most what I like about Glenn’s job that is not about how to use hypnosis to get money or new car but also is very spiritual, actually this is where I started with “Chakra Meditation”, Glenn’s inspiring job change life on very practical level but also change you as a person. Thank you very much Glenn!!!

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