Clear debt and attract abundance in 5 easy steps

crisisWhilst the economy is gradually recovering, there’s no denying that the last few years have been enormously stressful and difficult for many people.

The criminal behaviour of large financial institutions and the subsequent overspending of the early 2000s have left many ordinary people in crushing debt, and the soaring fuel prices and falling asset value that followed have certainly not helped! Here are a few tips to learn to manage your finances and start to reduce stress and worry about money.

1. Find your balance
It can be very easy to stick your head in the sand, avoiding opening bank or credit card statements, and panicking when bills drop onto the doormat. An important part of regaining control over your finances is to be knowledgeable about where your money goes each month. Until you are aware of this, you can’t be in control of it. Write down your monthly income, and all the essential outgoings. Don’t fret if you have to make cutbacks – look at this as a temporary situation. It is okay to live frugally, and to strip back to bare essentials for a while. It will help you to regain control and really appreciate money in the future when you have more of it.

2. Ditch the debt
One you are aware of your finances, start work on paying off all debts. Debt is debilitating and stressful, so avoid it at all costs. The most important things you should spend your money on are somewhere to live, food and clothing, household bills and a modest vehicle if necessary. If you are in debt, everything else should be viewed as a luxury. So stick to only buying essentials for now until your circumstances change. If you have multiple credit cards and loans, focus on paying as much as you can towards the one with the highest interest first, whilst sticking to the minimum payment on the others until the most extortionate ones are completely clear. Focus on the next highest after this. This is called ‘snowballing’, and will save you the maximum amount of money in interest in the shortest amount of time.

Notes from a Small Island

3. Notice your spending habits
If you find it difficult to control your spending, constantly buying expensive items that you have no use for and cannot afford, take a look at the reasons why. Often people that find it hard to stop spending money are trying to fill a different space in their lives. Is the desire to overspend driven by something in your past? Are you trying to keep up with others by having the latest must-have item? Are you feeling down and trying to make yourself feel better? Once you understand what drives you to overspend then you can change the behaviour. Much like the advice that tells us to avoid food shopping when we are hungry, try to avoid hitting the high street as a means of cheering yourself up. If you are trying to make yourself feel better, instead of heading off to the shops with your credit card, go for a walk in nature. Or maybe get into the habit of going swimming instead of shopping. The after-effects of exercise will always make you feel so much better than going further into debt.

4. Avoid negativity
With your new financial awareness and control, you will find it much easier let go of stress and worry about money. Avoid talking about your finances in a negative way, even if you don’t have much. If you are always saying you are broke or worrying about not having enough, then this will become a self-fulfilling mantra. Instead, accept that you don’t have much now, if that is the case, but do not worry about it. Think of the lean times as a short interlude in your life journey, a valuable life lesson, and look forward to an abundant future.

5. Welcome abundance
You need to believe that everything will get better, by accepting that you deserve all the good that life has to offer. You absolutely deserve to be abundant and successful. When you believe this on a deep unconscious level you are sending out a powerful statement of intent. With this type of unconscious programming you will find doors will open for you and you will attract into your life just what you need to become more abundant. I’ll be talking more about creating financial abundance in next month’s blog.

Whilst a very practical, manmade thing, money affects us on an emotional level, because of the way that it can deeply affect our lives. The dream of winning the lottery is one that many people have, and it’s easy to while away the hours imagining how to spend the newly acquired fantasy fortune! Whatever your financial situation, always live within your means and never get greedy or allow money to corrupt you. It is only money after all!

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