Overcome chocolate addiction with hypnosis

After the excess of Christmas and Easter, many people are fed up with mountains of chocolate, and looking forward to a summer of healthy eating. Wouldn’t it be better however, to say goodbye to unhealthy chocolate binges forever? Over the years, I’ve met many people at my hypnotherapy practice that refer to themselves as chocolate addicts. Here’s my take on why chocolate addiction happens, and how to eliminate it from your life.

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Childhood chocolate
We often associate chocolate with our childhood. Either chocolate was forbidden, or it was used as a treat, and either way, it makes chocolate into a product with almost magical connotations. Maybe you associate chocolate with happy times, with comfort or if you weren’t allowed it very often, with a sense of excitement or rebellion.

Let go of the past, and tell yourself now that your adult self no longer needs to overindulge. Work specifically on breaking the connection between comfort and happiness, and chocolate.

Feelgood factor
Chocolate is known for its effect on the brain and the body. As you eat, chocolate releases endorphins, which, even without emotional connotations, make it an addictive substance.

It’s always easier to eat healthier food once the warm weather starts. Fruit and salads come into season, and the many benefits of sunshine makes us less likely to eat so-called comfort foods. Replace the ‘buzz’ from eating chocolate with the wonderful feeling of eating unprocessed, healthy food. Take this opportunity to rid yourself of chocolate once and for all. Your body will thank you for it!

It’s easy to get into the habit of eating chocolate at certain times – in the evening, or mid-afternoon if you are feeling tired. Make a point of having no chocolate in the house, and avoid the confectionary aisle in the supermarket. If you feel yourself craving chocolate, do something to take your mind off it. Go for a walk, sort out your wardrobe, brush your teeth, put some music on, or phone a friend.

Treat mentality
Chocolate AddictionIt is a common occurrence for adults to ‘treat’ themselves to something sweet and fattening – like sweets or desserts – because they have done something good, have worked hard, or just want cheering up. They ‘reward’ themselves, just as their parents rewarded them years ago. Most people are blissfully unaware that they are running on programming from the past. They simply justify their indulgences because they are either feeling pleased with themselves or because they feel low and are looking for a fix.

Make a resolute and clear choice never to use food or drink as a reward or for comfort. If you have done something you are proud of – or you want to treat yourself – buy yourself some new clothes or plan something that will lift your spirits. Take comfort in the fact that you are taking control of your eating habits. Developing a healthy body is the most rewarding and satisfying feeling, and every choice you make must be geared up to achieving this aim.

Try this simple hypnosis technique: Close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. Now affirm to yourself that you take great comfort and satisfaction in the fact that you are in control of your eating habits. State the following affirmations over and over silently or out loud, in a slow, rhythmical mantra, believing they are a reality as you say them:

I release the need for sweet and fattening food.
I love to reward myself in healthy positive ways.
I am in complete control of my eating habits.


Cure chocolate addiction with hypnosis 
I have used the following hypnosis technique to cure chocolate addiction in many people, and it can be used for other unhealthy addictions too…

Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths and allow your mind to clear. Take a moment and totally relax. When you are ready, imagine a plate full of the most putrid, rotting fish, maggots or anything similar that is completely repulsive to you.

Create this picture in your mind’s eye and connect with the revolting smell of the fish. Hold back from gagging, but make this image its smell very real. Take a moment to do this.

When you have a clear picture and have imagined the foul smell, imagine the chocolate all over the fish making an even more disgusting smell. Be creative with this part of the technique; the more vivid you can make this image, the more powerful it will be. Stay with this picture and allow yourself a good few minutes to digest this disgusting image and odour. After you have fully absorbed the image, allow your mind to become blank. Take a few slow breaths, slowly count to three and open your eyes.

The next time you think about chocolate, you will feel completely different. You will have lost any desire for it; and may even find it quite repulsive now.

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