Stressful WorkBeat stress in the workplace

However much you love your job, stress is bound to occur from time to time. From difficult colleagues and tight deadlines, to a lack of job satisfaction or stability, work stress can be debilitating and leave you feeling dreadful.

Extreme or prolonged stress can take a toll on your emotional and physical health, so it’s vital that you learn to beat it!

Recognise the signs

Everyone has ‘off days’, but if you are constantly feeling tired, irritable, or anxious, or if you have trouble sleeping, it may be a sign of stress.

Do you suffer with constant headaches during the week, but feel fine at the weekend? Pay attention to your physical and emotional signals and deal with them quickly.

Talk to the boss!

If possible, talk to your employer about any issues as they arise, before they become overwhelming. If deadlines are unrealistic, ask if a colleague can assist you. Try to speak in positive way – notice the difference between:

“I can’t get this report finished in time, can John help me?”


“I’m very keen to meet the deadline; would you mind if I asked John if he has any time to assist?”

The second question comes from a dedicated worker and a problem solver; far more likely to get the support that they need. If you don’t feel that your boss is approachable, it may be time to consider your future!

If you are self-employed or a business owner, consider taking on a business coach, who can listen impartially to any concerns that you have and guide you towards reducing your stress levels.

Get moving

One of the best stress relievers is exercise, especially if your job is desk-based. Set a reminder to move around every hour – be it to a colleague’s desk, to a meeting room, or to the kettle, and never eat lunch at your desk! Getting away from your work for a few moments wakes up your body and brain, and will increase your productivity when you return.

Ping Pong De-stress Techniques

My UK office is equipped with a table tennis set – perfect for my employees to have fun and de-stress during breaks!  Try to fit in some exercise in your lunch break or after work too. It will refresh your mind, improve your fitness and help you to sleep.

Get organised

Leave for work ten minutes early for one week, and spend some time clearing your workspace of clutter and mess. Get rid of anything that you don’t need, and file anything that you aren’t working on right now. This process is cathartic, will allow for greater efficiency and make you feel much more in control.

Clear your mind

Overcome Stress TechniquesSpending just 10 minutes meditating or practising yoga each day has enormous health benefits. Clear your mind and spend some time being still and present each day. If stressful thoughts pop into your head, breathe them away without judgement.

Go to a quiet room where there are no distractions.

Sit comfortably and gently relax your eyelids. You can choose to close your eyes or to focus on a single object, such as a crystal or candle flame. Begin to breathe very slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Make each breath long and deep, and clear away any thoughts so your mind becomes still and centred. Don’t worry if you get the odd unwanted thought. Just centre your mind again and allow the thought to drift away. Focus on your breathing and the stillness of the moment.

Take a moment to be in the here and now and accept everything as it is. Continue with your slow, deep breathing and allow yourself to relax deeply. You can stay in this pleasant state for as long as you like.

Do what you love

In the UK, we spend an average of 1800 hours per year at work, so if you aren’t doing what you love, it may be time for a change. You may feel that it is not the right time to change career, but there will always be reasons to remain where you are. Personal happiness and fulfilment naturally leads to happier relationships, more productivity and better health… so what’s stopping you?

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  1. In the office, I always listen to hypnosis CDs and recordings to beat stress and pressure and to keep me going the whole day. I find this article very helpful as it provides me with practical steps on how to beat stress. More to better health!

  2. Thanks for sharing this post; i dont believe that a person can really hypnotized. I think Unlike we see on the TV and the internet, it is not similar to mind control; rather, it is a kind of mental awakening. The people who perform it guide the person to relax and fall into a waking sleep or trace-state.

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