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What are EMFs and are they safe?

As you sit here reading this article, an invisible cloud of charged, electrical particles is surrounding your body! It’s not just you that boasts this superpower, every living and non-living thing on earth experiences this everyday. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs as they are more commonly known exist in and around us, throughout the world.

The earth has its own magnetic and electrical field which occurs inside the planet and up into the atmosphere. The earth’s frequency usually resonates at around 7.83 Hz which is also known as the Schumann Resonance.

It had been emitting steadily at this level until 2014 when scientists measured spikes and changes in numbers for the first time in history. But these naturally occurring low frequencies suit the human bodies physiology far better than those that are artificially produced.

Man made sources of electrical currents contribute to pollution that you can’t see. As we hurtle further into the new digital age, more appliances are becoming wireless and sending out frequencies at dangerously high levels which can affect our bodies.

Where do they come from?

In an increasingly wireless world, most of our EMFs are coming from man-made technology. Of course we still receive low-level, natural frequencies, but these do not pose the same threats to our health as the new smart grid infrastructures. Here are some sources of harmful radiation that you should try to avoid as much as possible:

  • Mobile phones
  • Wireless internet
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Your neighbours WiFi
  • Smart thermostat, baby monitors & security cameras.
How dangerous are EMFs?

Just how threatening these artificial frequencies are seems to be a very controversial topic at the moment, especially with the fast roll out of the 5G network across the globe. A growing number of the public and insiders in the telecommunications industry are concerned that the 5G network operates on frequency lengths which are far too high to be considered safe around people.

5G frequencies cannot travel as far as 4G, so a higher number of smaller towers are required in residential areas so that the signal can reach people. In turn this means higher exposure for those living next door, children going to school and those working around these emitters. Many now are being installed on top of apartment blocks, office towers and even in schools.

EMFs can tamper with your DNA and genes, which are the instruction manuals that your cells use to carry out processes. This can result in genetic mutations and the onset of cancers.

Researchers have proven that short and long term exposure to radiation produced by mobile phones can result in damages to the protective layer of the brain. Children are more vulnerable to EMF exposure as their brain tissue is more conductive and is still developing as opposed to an adult’s brain.

Disruption in the immune system, sleep cycles, behavioural problems and reduced sperm quality are just some of the other adverse effects to EMFs.

How you can protect yourself from EMFs

Shield with Crystals

Crystals have long been used as an aid to healing and meditation because of their unique structure and frequencies they emit. There are two minerals in particular which are used across the world to shield the body from EMFs and those are Shungite and Tourmaline.

Shungite is a relatively newly discovered stone, which only exists in one area around a lake in Russia. It has many beneficial properties and helps to conduct radiation and EMFs due to its high carbon content. You can place pieces of Shungite around your computer and WiFi router or you can purchase bracelets, ear rings and necklaces made from Shungite. You can also connect crystal plates to your mobile phone which shield your body from harmful frequencies.

Tourmaline is another black mineral stone which works in the same way as Shungite but its properties are slightly different. Tourmaline seems to be the world’s second favourite stone to shield the body from EMFs.

Tourmaline in quartz healing stone.
Install EMF blockers in your house

There are a number of companies now that produce devices which neutralise and harmonise high frequency radiation and transform them into positive, long lasting energy. These products can range from the cheaper plug ins to stand alone setups that work long range. Search EMF blockers online as there are companies that cater throughout the world to most countries now.

Turn off you WiFi and phone at night

WiFi is still being emitted as you sleep, so turn off your router and mobile phone at night whilst you sleep or switch your phone to flight mode.

Avoid contact with your mobile phone and computer.

Try to avoid bodily contact with your phone, tablet or laptop as much as possible. Most mobile phone manufacturers recommend leaving a 10mm gap between the device and your body, so try to use headphones or the speaker option. Try to avoid sleeping next to your phone and keeping it in your pocket but if you must, switch it to flight mode.

Buy an EMF protection phone case

In today’s modern world, mobile phones have become a necessity, but we absorb around 50% of the radiation emitted when we hold the phone up to our ear. There are many phone cases available now which block out radiation. You can also try texting, using head phones or even a landline to lessen your exposure to EMFs.

Why not try listening to this Solfeggio frequency meditation. The 741 Hz frequency is said to promote a pure, stable and healthier state which can help you when you are building your EMF defences.

You won’t be able to block out all of the EMFs on the planet, but at least actively blocking some of the radiation will help promote a healthier state of being spiritually, physically and mentally.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
~ Nikola Tesla

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