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“Success!!! Flew out and home in a wonderful trance, so relaxed, feeling safe and secure. Can’t believe it! Thank you so much Glenn.”

I love reading reviews for my apps and recordings, and recently, I’ve had several positive comments about my Overcome the Fear of Flying title. Susanna left a wonderful testimonial on YouTube:

With the summer holiday season fast approaching, it’s the time that those with flying phobia start to worry about travelling abroad. Wouldn’t you love to be able to enjoy your holiday abroad without dreading the flight? Follow my simple steps to beat the fear of flying and get excited about your next journey overseas!

Learn the facts
Most fears about flying are based on the worry that something will go wrong. All plane journeys are meticulously planned and if a problem should arise, there are always contingency plans, and people present that are trained to deal with any situation. You may find it helpful to learn about planes and how they work, so that you can understand what is happening at each stage of your journey. You can deal with any negative thoughts quickly and easily by simply knowing the facts. Knowledge is power!

Reduce your ‘news’ intake
Whilst a common fear, flying really is a safe way to travel; even safer than travelling by road. Try to avoid the news in the weeks before a flight. News companies thrive on negative stories and they are made to sound as dramatic as possible to capture people’s attention. Thousands of people make safe plane journeys every single day, but of course, these stories are not reported. Reduce your intake of negative stories and you are guaranteed to feel better about everything, not just flying!

Avoid avoidance!
The more that you allow a fear to stop you from doing something, the greater that fear grows. Think about the first time that you did something that you found frightening. Riding a bicycle, driving a car, and even your first day at school are all challenging. For the majority of life events, the more you do something, the easier and more normal it becomes.

Use the power of words
Every time you say that you are scared of flying, you are cementing that as a fact in your brain. Avoid vocalising any anxiety, either to yourself or to others. Use affirmations to change the way that you speak about travelling by plane, and this will naturally change the way that you think about it too.

I love to travel by plane
The freedom of flying is enjoyable
I feel relaxed when flying
I look forward to plane journeys

Print out the affirmations and place them around your home, in places that you will see every day, such as the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator.

Overcome the Fear of Flying with hypnosis

On the plane…
There is a temptation to use alcohol to help you to relax, but this creates a false state of relaxation, which will wear off and could make your experience worse in the long run. Drink water and avoid caffeine and sugary foods as these will cause your blood sugar to spike, making you feel agitated.

Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Take cushions, scarves, essential oils, or music – use anything that makes you feel contented. Laughter in particular is highly beneficial to reducing stress and anxiety, so listening to a funny podcast, or reading an amusing book is enormously helpful. Of course, listening to one of my recordings whilst in the air is a brilliant way to get through the flight in a calm and comfortable way!

By following these steps, you are well on your way to becoming a confident flyer. Imagine the excitement of feeling good about plane travel, and the adventures that you will have without limits!

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P.S. My hypnotherapy recordings can help you overcome the fear or flying:

Complete Relaxation

Complete Relaxation

  1. I did your hypnotherapy for fear of flying and it was great!! Thanks!!! I enjoyed the flight and my holiday!!

  2. I suffered of Flying phobia until I listened your audio 7 years ago. Since then I always use your audio previously to fly and I feel relax and enjoy experience. Thanks so much Glenn.

  3. overcome the fear of flying, That really makes sense that like as no limit.

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