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Glenn is committed to a number of charitable causes. You can read about these below:

The Greater Good FoundationAmazing feedback from the school we support in Uganda

The Greater Good Foundation

The Greater Good FoundationGlenn is a friend of Anna Rodgers who runs this non-profit charity and every last penny donated goes to directly to these orphanages and communities. The Greater Good Foundation was founded by Lulu Langford, Anna Rodgers, Charli Sparks and Yvette Gent and is a 100% not for profit charity which aims to combine several local orphanages (the directors of each are all friends) near Kampala into one big piece of land which they will be developing into a sustainable community.

There are several orphanages receiving support from the charity:

  • Bugiri Children’s Centre run by David Masingano. They have currently ​37 orphans and 10 widows.
  • Divine Hearts Africa run by Patrick Kabanda. There are 60 orphans and widows. Some are disabled and in desperate need for medical care and wheelchairs.
  • Arise and Shine Orphanage run by Pastor Tape. This is the largest orphanage that they look after with 150 kids and adults.

On the land that they hope to purchase, they will be housing at least 210 orphans, widows and disabled kids with plans to help look after more. David from Bugiri, wishes to stay on his own land and build his orphanage into something much better.

The aim is to develop something truly inspirational that will be a blueprint for other sustainable communities all over the world.

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GreenpeaceGlenn supports Greenpeace so they can defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing responsible solutions for our fragile environment.

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CrisisHomelessness isn't just about sleeping rough. It comes in many forms and can affect anyone. The numbers of homeless people are shocking but don't represent a problem that is too big to solve.

Through their 50-year history of pioneering research and supporting thousands of people out of homelessness, Crisis know more than ever about the causes of homelessness and what it will take to end it.

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