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    Glenn Harrold

    Thanks for visiting the Welcome section. Please feel free to introduce yourself here.

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    Hi Glenn,
    I suffer from insomnia and sleep very poorly in 30-45 minute intervals then laying awake for two hours plus before the next half hour sleep cycle.
    To try an overcome my bad sleep patterns, I purchased your Deep Hypnosis iphone app and I have also downloaded the free Sleep Well and Relax app.
    I have listened to both apps about 10 times each now, and while I feel relaxed listening to them, I have never yet fallen asleep, or entered any form of trace state or anything close to sleep. I lay down in bed at night, lights out etc, and listen to your recording with earbuds so that I hear the voice/sound panning and so on.
    Am I doing something wrong, or does your programs just not work for some people (…and I am wasting my time)?



    Glenn Harrold

    Hello Moonshine,

    This is Russ from Glenn’s team, welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you have not found that Deep Hypnosis or Relax & Sleep Well have managed to cure your insomnia.

    You might be interested to try Deep Sleep (which is also available as an inapp) as this is our best selling insomnia hypnotherapy session. I have emailed you a code to try this one as you have already purchased Deep Hypnosis.

    I should also say that Glenn’s recordings can go a long way to helping in many areas but when things do become deep rooted, or if you are dealing with a very specific issue, seeing a qualified hypnotherapist who can then give you one to one care can be helpful.

    One to one hypnotherapy sessions are very good at getting the root cause, usually through regression techniques. The Hypnotherapy Directory have well trained therapists all over the UK. http://www.hypnotherapy-directory.org.uk

    Please make sure that any therapist you choose is affiliated with a recognised organisation.



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