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    How often should someone use the recordings?

    I’ve used hypnosis recordings in the past and at some point, after a while, I feel resistance to using them. An e-friend of mine who was a hypnotist told me there is something called “hypnotic resistance” which results from doing a recording too much. She recommended that once that point is reached only use a recording every few days or every few weeks as needed for “re-enforcement”.

    Was she correct?

    If so, how frequently should a recording be used?



    Hello beforewisdom,

    This is Russ from Glenn’s team. Thanks for your message, I have not heard of ‘hypnotic resistance’ before, but we’d normally suggest listening for 21 days everyday and then once you have achieved your goal or overcome your problem, you may choose to listen every other day, or even weekly as a top up if you find yourself slipping into old negative patterns again.

    We actually have a FAQ on this subject here which you may find interesting:

    You can find other FAQs here:

    I hope this helps,


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