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    What is the difference between the audios, videos, books, and printed hypnosis scripts?

    What do you get with one that you don’t get with the others?

    What are the advantages of each?

    What will I get with a phone app that I will not get with an audio or a video?



    Hello beforewisdom,

    This is Russ from Glenn’s team.

    Glenn offers a wide range of recordings in a number of different formats. Some apps include the option to purchase inapp sessions, which are hypnotherapy recordings that download and play within the app. These tend to be cheaper than MP3s as they can only be used within the app where you made the purchase and do not offer you the flexibility of moving the recording to another device at a later date. If you plan to listen on multiple devices and wish to move the recording to your computer for example, we would suggest getting an MP3 download version instead.

    Glenn also offers stand-alone apps which do not have inapp sessions. These include all the audios within the app. Again, stand-alone apps play audios from within the app and cannot be transferred.

    The videos are very similar to the hypnotherapy sessions, but the idea is that you keep your eyes open whilst listening. Some people prefer this method of entering hypnotic trance. That said, with the video recordings you can also close your eyes if you wish and you will still benefit from listening to the session.

    We also have books available which some people like to read as it gives them more explanation about the process of overcoming a problem or reaching a goal.

    Generally speaking, it’s best to read the description carefully for each product before purchasing to decide if it’s right for you. You can always contact us for more information here: https://www.hypnosisaudio.com/pages/contact-us

    I hope this helps,


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